Estimated price list.

(Custom projects welcome)

Graphic art creation and branding $65.00 per Hr.  Includes consultation and graphics.

Warehousing, kitting, assembly, Boutique services are our specialties.  Pricing per needs and varies per project.

Synthetic/on tear paper always in stock quote per request

Business cards:

Set up for business cards including email proof $7.00

500 economy #80lb cover dull or gloss

Full color one side $30.00

Full color 2 sides $40.00

1000 quantities

Full color one side $39.00

Full color 2 sides $55.00

Designer paper (textured, colors, #80-129 lb. weight) your choice

500 full color one side $36.00

500 Full color 2 sides $45.00

1000 full color one side $44.00

1000 full color 2 sides $60.00

Post cards: 

Any size can be quoted per request

Basic 4X6, 4.25 x 6, 3.5 x 8

One side full color print

500 $75.00

Two sided full color

 500 $110.00

1000 one sided full color $115.00

1000 2sided full color $170.00


 12 X18, Max size

250 ones sided full color $155.00

Folding, perforation numbering, addressing, variable data, direct mail, round corners, lamination, and more custom features offered.  Shells and imprint programs available.


60# offset 1000 $250.

Matching envelopes standard size white wove #10 full color $250.00

Deluxe paper Letterhead full color one side

Textures, colors, specialty papers

1000   $235.00

Matching envelopes #10 1000 $360.00

Pressure sensitive paper (nor) for forms, delivery receipts etc.

2 part White original, yellow copy. Black in on front of both sheets

500 $72.00

1000 $122.00

3 part white original, yellow, pink. Black in on front of both sheets

500 $100.00

1000 $180.00

All standard size envelops in sock 6X9, 9X11, 10X 13  booklet or portrait closure prices quote on request.

Manuals are our specialty prices quoted per, size page count, color and paper. Stapled, Coil, or Wire-o binding options available.

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