Fulfillment Services Price List

                   I. Receiving and Handling

A.    $5.00 per pallet 4’X4’X4’ “In” or “Out”


B.     $..25 per carton “In” or “Out” up to 12”X12”X12”

$.35 per carton “In” or “Out” for larger cartons


C.     $.75 per hundred weight “In” or “Out”


II. Storage Fees

A.    $ 20.00 per pallet per month


B.     $.25 per carton per month 12”X 12”X12”


C.     $.50 per carton per month for larger cartons


D.    $.75 per hundred weight per month


III. Receiving and Handling and Storage Fees

A.    Monthly charge of 1 ½% of value of inventory on hand

IV. Pick & Pack and Pre-Packaged Single Items

A.    Includes the following services:

1.       Generate a picking ticket from customer’s request.

2.       Pull items from inventory.

3.       Package items into shipping cartons.

4.       Prepare and affix shipping labels to cartons.

5.       Insert packing slip for each pick ticket into carton.

6.       Seal carton and prepare for shipping via UPS or our truck.

7.       All materials included: cartons, labels, packaging material, tape, picking

tickets,  packing slips, all “out” charges and complete management reports.

B.     Pricing

1.      Pre-Packaged Single Items

a.       $7.50 per picking ticket/requisition 3 cartons maximum size 12”X12”X12” 100 lbs. maximum total weight one shipping address


b.      $.35 each item change


c.       $2.25 additional cartons over first 3

2.      Pick & Pack

a.       $2.75 per carton, 1 item


b.      $.35 each additional item


c.       $2.25 each additional carton with same ship to

V. Straight Labor Charges

A.    $40.00 per hour (minimum charge $10.00)

VI. Stretch Wrap

A.    $5.00 per pallet

VIII. Minimum Invoice

A.    $10.00 Minimum Invoice

Note:  We will consider any request for custom fulfillment services above and beyond this standard pricing schedule, in fact, we encourage it. For pricing, submit in writing with a complete description of customer’s fulfillment needs.

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